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A small horror experience, created as part of a university assignment. Played from a first-person perspective. Set at an desolated cabin in the middle of the woods... 

Published 14 days ago
AuthorMidnight Games
TagsFirst-Person, Horror


Horror Project - Build.zip 280 MB


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Teddy bear looking to throw down! Starts at 12:16!

Thanks for trying the game out and for including it in your video 

je suis trés reconaissant je suis nouveau accepté mes remerciments les plus profond 

The spooky bear is one of my favourite "scary villains". I would immediately adopt him.

This was not bad for a little project, made a video on it.

I appreciate you trying it out. Thanks for the video.

Solid game, could use a lead up to the house, but i know it's just a short project.

Thanks for checking out the game. I enjoyed watching your gameplay

This is a really interesting game and had me on my toes while playing it. I feel you did an extremely good job and was really creative. I liked it so much I decided to put it in a video of mine. This is the very first game I play in it. Good Luck on any future projects.

Thanks for playing! Good sense of humour running through your video.

What danger could a teddy bear possibly pose? In Project Horror, we learn just how much! Cabin in the woods? Sad Ghost? Spooky Teddy Bear? It checks all the boxes on things that freak me out!

Great video, I enjoyed watching. Thanks for trying it out and your comments :)

This short University project showcases a seemingly deserted cabin in the woods and a few eerie sounds. But there seems to be something - or someone - in there with you...


Nice video. Thanks for checking out the game!

I think I let your pet crow out hahaha sorry, I'd say your assignment was a success! It captured the basic fundamentals for a indie horror experience. I would love to see what you'd come up with if you expanded from this, and dedicated more time to a project!

Good work!


Pesky crow is always trying to escape ;)

Thanks for trying out the game, I enjoyed your commentary. All the feedback I'm receiving is giving me plenty of ideas of how to expand upon this concept further.


loved this game even though it was short it was very well done please check out my play through below 

Thanks for your comment, your video was great! I appreciate you trying it out :)

I loved this quick game. It is included in a 3 ganme playthrough if you are interested in my gameplay. The game starts at 4:14

Cool video, glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for playing :)

Cool game, kinda cheesy at the end with the teddy bear, but I liked it. I made a video of it if anyone would like to check it out. (Second game at 3:23)

I wanted something you wouldn't expect, but thanks for the feedback and trying the game.

This game was pretty incredible despite the length!

I enjoyed your video. Creating a tense atmosphere was an important part of the experience. Thanks for playing!

Sure thing!

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

Great video. Thanks for playing!

After experiencing this "game" I've come to the conclusion that it is mostly a trigger test. Checking to see if certain events trigger when needed. The game functions without any technical errors. Even if the photos used to advertise the game are nothing like the experience itself.

More information and picking apart in a hopefully educational way down here.

Firstly, thanks for trying it out. Yes, its more of a technical piece than a game and a learning experience for myself. I appreciate all the feedback in your video.



Thanks for playing!

I would really appreciate if you guys checked out the latest vid! Project Horror is game 2!

Thanks for trying out the game

Cool game, cheers! 

Thanks for the video and feedback. Glad you enjoyed it!

Good game but too short we need way more

Nice video and thanks for playing. Hopefully I'll be able to add more content soon.


screen shots say alot

Awsome game.

Love the video, thanks for playing! Glad you want to see more. Maybe in a future version you'll find out how its all connected ;)

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

Thank you for playing, and thanks for the video!

This is a cool little project. With some fine tuning, it could certainly become a brief but scary little game.  It looks and plays pretty nice for a prototype. 


Thanks for playing, I enjoyed your video. It was intended to be more of a proof of concept than a game, but with the feedback I've received so far I would like to develop it further.

Hello Midnight Games! I was wondering if you were going to update the game? and mybe make it longer 

Hi! Yes, hopefully I'll be able to add to the game soon and create more content. Thanks for trying it out.

Awesome and short. Check it out: 

Marshall Mainsails Presents Spooky Games #6

Thanks for playing, your video was great!

Not bad for a school project! Keep working on critical elements like story development or player purpose! Consider reviewing my feedback in my let's play below as well as giving it a like! 

Thanks for your video. I agree with your comments about player purpose and giving context to the situation, which I aim to improve on in future developments.

Such a short demo, yet it holds a great atmosphere and feels good to play. 

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It was my aim to create an immersive atmosphere, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing and the video :)

Cool little game. Has some kinda janky scares, but they get the point through. I see that you have the concept of this genre figured out. I'm looking forward to your future and hopefully even better projects :)


Thanks for your comments and video. This was my first attempt at a horror game, so glad I'm on the right track. 


Thanks for your video, glad you enjoyed it!

Very good shot game. Teddy bear was funny and scary at the same time. There is nothing much to say abt the game, except that it was good. I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw if you are interested, here is my video:

Great video, thanks for a playing! Definitely planning on making more content in future games.

This was very short but very good! please give us more! haha, heres my gameplay hope you enjoy:


I did enjoy your gameplay video. Thanks for trying it out! It was my intention to make a longer experience, I just run out of time before my submission deadline.

ah ok, just curious how long did this take to finish?


I can't say how long exactly, but my original idea was a VR based horror game which went a bit wrong and I changed the design late in the semester. 

Loved love the bear. 

Thanks for the comment and for featuring the game in your video!

Awesome 3D. What programming language did you write this in?

Thanks. It was written in C#.

Good Job!